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June 13, 2004



Printed Cape Cod Times, June 13, 2004

George Bush the 2000 candidate said “I am honest, I represent family values and I am a uniter, not a divider."

Lies, misrepresentations, venal attack ads and scrapping the Geneva Convention have severely undermined Pres Bush's legacy for honesty and family values but let it be said that G.W.Bush will always be known as a ""Uniter.""
The Democrats, all wings and causes, march lock step toward November united by GB.

Republican moderates and conservatives leap tall aisles to unite with democrat’ colleagues in common cause to stem gargantuan deficits and the passage of more tax cut legislation.

Most Europeans are now united in their less than generous feelings for George Bush, so united in fact that they are willing to come out in enormous rallies should he deign to visit.

The voters too are united, united that the reasons for the Iraq mission in hindsight made the mission inappropriate and that the mission once commenced was seriously flawed in resources allocated and probable scenarios with regard to winning, reconstruction and exiting.

And last but regrettably far from least, young Middle Easterners, the gene pool of terrorism, are predictably more united than ever.

Could it be, " Divided We Stand, United We Fall ? "

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