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August 30, 2006



If Rummy actually thinks we're in some WWIII, world domination scenario he shouldn't be serving up another day's worth of "GOP Security Theater."
Given the fact that he made such a consistent cock-up of a pissant small operation like Iraq, he should resign. He definitely should not be painting decent Americans who have tired of an inept and seemingly unaccountable leadership as unpatriotic or worse.
If the Democrats want to serve up some fear, they should point out that Osama is off merrily making videos, Iraq is in flames despite untold thousands of deaths and half a Trillion dollars wasted, and 'The Great Satan,' as the U.S. is affectionatly known, is now many times more reviled and significantly less feared.
If voters this fall do anything to let Rummy, Cheney and el nino de Crawford remain unchecked by Congress, then they, the voters, will be the appeasers to an inept and disgraced leadership.


August 25, 2006



Somebody coined the phrase "security theater" today to describe the Republican Party's unremitting shameless attempt to use fear to stay in power.
"Security theater",, it has a good ring to it.

(meanwhile it's rumored that Osama Bin L. is now registered to vote in both Florida and Ohio)




(watching Katherine Harris self destruct)

August 24, 2006


I THINK, ERGO I‘M RIGHT: (god confirms this)

A well known learned commentator recently postulated that Bush exemplifies the mental state known as narcissism. With some authority on the subject I add here another, not contradictory, explanation.
One of the results of excessive alcohol intake over many years is the "Desires Equal Expectations Psychosis (D.E.E.P.)," also known as "Simply Hoping is Truth (S.H.I.T.)" or 'wishful thinking syndromitis.'
Imagine a corporation where the marketing division has co-opted all the power. Hopeful fancy pronouncements of success, glory and marvelous products issue forth daily while the core entity hemorrhages cash, loses customers and is an irreversible decline.
Why am I not surprised that America under Bush’s leadership is an eerie reminder of the fantasy structure that once was Enron?


August 18, 2006



Iraq: either we stay for decades draining a trillion plus from our resources whilst they hate us, i.e. absolutely no advantage on terrorism front or worse, vis a vis terrorism, we exit leaving jihadists, Saddam loyalists and religious factions murdering each other presumably while seeking funding from other countries with zero love for America.
We are so screwed for the near term, near term meaning ten to twenty years.
My epiphany is/was like, holy hell, is there no one in the cockpit of the good ship America that ever, ever, ever contemplates setting a course for peace. Do we bomb Iran to get our way? What are the resulting scenarios if we use nukes? Should we take out Syria also? These seem to be the only course maps used by this administration and they all engender hate, fear and the 'rule of brutality.'
We need to bear arms and defend ourselves but if the radar has no reading for a someday world of peace we ain't going to get there. Think about the fact that the US will not hold discussions at any level with Iran and Syria. In a world where a cell phone and a cup of liquid can cause untold horror who in their right mind thinks destroying sovereign nations who already detest us is going to make the world safer? It seems plain nuts.
Somebody needs to tell Kristol and Cheney to shut their yaps for at least a few minutes each day to see if there is not some alternative to incinerating a goodly chunk of humanity in the name of self defense.
I don't want to go all Buddhist here, but 'gosh all mighty' there has to be some middle road short of 'War-mageddon.'


August 17, 2006



Saddam ruled by brutality.
Inherent in the policy "When they stand up , we'll stand down", is that someday the Shia will be able to rule by brutality.
It seems fair to say that Iraqi nationalism prior to invasion would have the US be the 'Great Satan' as we are in Iran. Therefore, efforts to form a US backed government, be it a Shia military dictatorship or a US approved and manipulated "democracy", brings you to the same place, i.e. either government is seen to be the lackey of the Great Satan.
That the Iraqis just danced in the street to cheer the Hezbollah army in its battle versus Israel (and the US) is case in point.
The Iraqis need to have a sense of nation, of nationalism to form a lasting government. A US backed government is anathematical.
This leads one back to a big chunk of John Murtha's argument, loosely paraphrased as, "We are the enemy: we are the problem: they're shooting at us and those perceived to be our lackeys."
Tis time to go.
A US backed Iraqi government, acceptable to the Iraqis, is an oxymoron. Completing the mission is up to the Iraqis: praise Allah.

PS. We do have to keep the peace until ol' Saddam is duly dispatched lest "Crashing the Gate" by Sunni loyalists becomes a headline from Hell.


August 08, 2006



(President Bush softly sings.)

I miss Arafat in the Springtime,
I miss Saddam in the fall,
Lebanon‘s a mess, it‘s in splinters,
I had no idea at all.

Our only pal, Saudi’s being squeezed cause of Palestine,
And Hugo’s kissing sheiks, what gall,
Rummy says they fight less in the winter,
I had no idea at all.

Condi says this mess is a great opportunity,
Some laugh, but what constitutes reality, is my call,
Every planetary wide entity hates us, look Mom, I really am a ‘Uniter’,
Bombs Away, bombs away, you’all.

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August 07, 2006


"A Most Civil War"

(a day in the life of a Baghdad family - Bashir, a young man, enters his family’s apartment)

Bashir: Greetings Father, Praise be to Allah.
Father: Praise be to Allah.
Bashir: It’s hot in here. Did we have any electricity today?
Father: One hour, tops. May Allah rain perversions on the Imperialist American Pigs!
Bashir: That sucks. A thousand perversions to the Infidels.
Father: What did you do today?
Bashir: Praise be to Allah, I put out one roadside IED and helped prepare a suicider for a Mosque mission at evening prayers.
Father: Praise be to Allah, but did you stop by the Coalition Forces Outreach Center like your Mother asked you to?
Bashir: Yes, Papa I did.
Father: And did you tell them that death squads have been harassing and threatening your Mother, sisters and our neighbors?
Bashir: Yes Papa I did. They said that they already knew and intended to step up patrols. They were very sympathetic and really quite civil.
(Father and son pause, look away, then look back)
Father: A thousand perversions to the Imperialist Occupiers.
Bashir: Praise be to Allah, a thousand perversions.

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Bashir, a young man, is getting a drink from the luke cool fridge in his family’s Baghdad apartment. He mutters, "It’s just too blasted hot to go out setting up IEDs today.”

(the TV and the lights blink and die, the whirr and gurgle of the air conditioner slowly ceases and we hear a door slam, then silence, followed by an explosion in the distance)




"Have you got a million dollars in the bank? No? Half a million? NO? Then you're not a capitalist. You don't have a dog in the hunt. You're a worker.
Do you get richer when oil prices go up and trade deals are signed making it easier for foreigners to take American jobs? No? Then you haven't got a dog in the hunt. You're a worker."
"When the Republican Party comes after your social security checks and your Mom's Medicare benefits, trust me, you're in that hunt, only it looks like you're the hunted not the hunter."


August 03, 2006



Of course we all know the expression "When they stand up, we'll stand down."
On or around Valentine's Day 2007 the Shia will have sufficient forces under arms to feel confident that they can dominate, decimate and destroy the Sunnis.
This being so, they will ask/tell/demand American forces to withdraw in order that they may proceed to dominate, decimate and destroy the Sunnis.
Given that they will, the Shia, pop the question to Mr Rumsfeld, et al, it begs this question.
"Donald, you love irony and sarcasm, what exactly are you going to respond when the Islamo-radicals ask you to withdraw so that they can slaughter the secular Sunnis?"
Perhaps they'll phrase it this way. Thanks for the guns and uniforms. And by the way, yes, this is a civil war you silly, silly man, you friend of Zion. Now leave.
Oh irony, if you don't move to protect and empower the very forces you came to disempower, then Iran (i.e. the Shia) will control Iraq and become an abutter to Israel.
"When they stand up, we're screwed" is staring the world in the face.
Valentine's Day it will truly be.

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