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June 27, 2006



Prithee dear sir, why art thou proposing Constitutional amendments that promote hate and bigotry?

Why? Because the cloying scent of these red meat amendments doth inflame the plebeian viscera and serves to swell our voting ranks.

I see. By pushing constitutionally derogatory amendments with much fanfare and pageantry you canst deliberately inflame the population to gain electoral advantage.

Verily, this is so my liege.

Is there a policy name for this plan to defame the Constitution for political gain?

We call it “Gut and Run.”


June 23, 2006



Rendition, torture, suspension of habeas corpus, declaring war on trumped up premises and warrantless spying embody the recent legacy of the Republican Party.
Not content to simply ignore the United States Constitution, the GOP blithely throws red-meat amendments at our enscribed heritage, pandering for fringe votes of hate and bigotry.
What shall we call this legacy of dismembering that which America stands for?
“Gut and run” has a nice ring to it..


One man’s cynicism is another man’s reality.
Rumsfeld’s dictum, i.e. “you go to war with the army you got” even if an absence of body armor is decimating your troops seems oddly to apply here. Personally I would want all youth protected by some cynical armor.
Jon Stewart runs clips of Dick Cheney telling fat lie after fat lie after fat lie. He makes it clear that a candidate who comes up against the GOP/Rove zero morality campaign machine will be accused of homosexuality, cowardice and having negroid blood in their family. He will likely point out that the Democratic candidate that seeks votes as an alternative to big business is collecting their campaign funds at the same troughs as their opponent.
There seems to be a youthful rumbling that Russ Feingold is a man willing to take principled positions. It would be well if this is true. Let’s hope that cynicism is intellectual armor, not a state of mind.

June 07, 2006



When Bill Bennett goes on The Daily Show and says that homosexuals at least have a place as sons and daughters causing Jon Stewart to explode, have some pity on the TheoCrats.
Think how the right wing must wrestle with theology, epistology and genealogy to make a place for the Prince of Darkness's daughter. You might wonder if Mary Cheney's contract with her book publisher is valid given that some homosexual contracts apparently have to pass religious examinations.
Perhaps Mr. Bennett and the Taliban could compare notes and make a list of which homosexual contracts are valid and which not. A homosexual military contract is valid only if the homosexual pretends that they are straight. Maybe when we make calls in the future, the digital operator will say "Marque two for Spanish" and "Press three for 'Queer' but claiming straight's rights.
"It's all a bit much, isn't it?

June 02, 2006



Don't get your knickers in a twist about Cheney bad mouthing Russia..
White House Oil Inc. (WHOI) simply wants Petro-Stan's 50 billion barrels (equivalent) to flow south through more friendly territory and WHOI sponsored pipelines.
Cheney is just dissing the commercial competition, as in, "If you Stannies take them Ruskie pipeline proposals you'll be sorry for it. Them Ruskies aren't trustworthy like us. They'll play politics with your oil and gas and "Poof" your Swiss bank account dreams will be gone.

As to Cheney's honesty quotient, I offer:


What do these two fine gentlemen have in common?

They both exhibit psychopathic tendencies. And: It would behoove you to cover your ears when in their presence.


June 01, 2006



As the GOP performs their customary election year rite of pandering to the Values' Voters, their arms-length yet sacred coalition government partner, by offering an amendment with which to defile both gays and the constitution, consider this:

A thin, multi-pierced young man with a green blaze in his hair is walking down a high school corridor. He approaches a hulking figure, in this case the school's starting defensive tackle, who is noisily slamming shut his locker. “Hey Dude, do you know which room the gay lesbian meeting's in?" "Yeh, go up that stairwell and turn right. You'll see it."

Neither young man gives this hallway exchange a moment's thought or reflection. The point is that, comparatively speaking, young people give less and less a fig about gay-lesbian activities, including whether or not G-L's appropriate the word marriage to consummate their emotional and contractual needs.

What exists now is that a high percentage of older voters are against gay marriage thus controlling the voting outcome on this issue. With certitude, this will change as seniors leave the voting rolls and youth join. Polling will not only confirm this trend but also actuarially divine the future year in which the majority of American voters will vote to allow gay marriage.

This whorish pandering to the TheoRight's bigotry' needs may seem despicable and shallow but trollops must do what trollops must do to stay in bed with the Value's Voters.

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