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May 25, 2007


Creation Science Museum

Creation Science Get a Home With Unique Theosophy for Killing our own Species
(( from/with Blognonymous.com))

With majority approval certain states kill criminal offenders every year.
Our military at present is in the business of killing people most days.
If humans are held to be a scientifically evolved animal, then the rule not to kill would not be solely a God and Bible based edict. (He made us and He made the Rule; animals would not create the 'Do not kill' fiat on their own you see.)
So you make a museum that shows that dinosaurs (scientifically known to predate humans by millions of years) and humans were created co-terminously by the spiritual force that you base your entire existence on.
So. And ergo too. If carbon dating is valid God does not therefor exist.
Hence the moral edict to not kill is man made, (with exceptions for electrocutions, protecting oil supplies and blowing up abortion clinics) and has no valid authority.
Wait. This makes no sense.
You can ignorantly but morally kill people if the dinosaurs came first......but not if God made us and the dinosaurs at the same time ......but..with exceptions....you can kill some of the people .....some of the time....or...I am confused.

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May 20, 2007


Buddhism & Harmony With the Divine

Inaugural 'Sit' of UU Pittsfield Church Buddhist Meditation Group
Discussion paper 5/20/07

From the home page of the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship.

Since the introduction of the first Buddhist texts to America in the mid-nineteenth century, Buddhism has been as extremely influential force among Unitarians and, over the last thirty years, Unitarian Universalists. Early Unitarians, such as Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Ralph Waldo Emerson responded with great enthusiasm to Buddhism's emphasis on individual experience, rather than appeal to scriptures or belief in miraculous events, as the basis for authority in spiritual matters.
In recent years, Unitarian Universalists have increasingly been drawn to explore Buddhist religious practices, especially seated meditation, in order to ground the "free and responsible search for truth and meaning" that is one of the guiding principles of the UU tradition. Meditation invites a direct and immediate experience of reality and provides a balance to purely intellectual inquiry.

A Common Unitarian Universalist Statement
(with comparative comments)
Love is our doctrine. The ..................(compassion)
quest for truth is its sacrament,...........(reality, enlightenment)
And service is its prayer.....................(merit, good works)
To the end that all souls shall grow
into harmony with the divine...............(find the Buddha mind)
--Craig Johnson--

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May 19, 2007


Gonzales Card Bedside-Gate Foray

A blog poster named Rooh made an interesting observation in his Salon Letters' commentary.
He asked...if Comey was the Acting AG, what were Gonzalez and Card going to do (to make his signature legal if obtained)...backdate it?
A clear exposition about the legal status between Comey and Ashcroft might be quite interesting and meaningful.
Had Ashcroft previously and officially signed a document delaring Comey Acting AG or was Comey Acting AG by dint of Ashcroft's legal status of being legally incapacitated? Or, if not, was Comey elevated when Ashcroft was a.) put 'under' for the operation and b.) alternately legally incapacitated by dint of being on a mind altering drug regimen?
( I was baby sat by a Top Secret security qualified NCO when I took drugs for a knee operation in my NSA related Army days which is one of two reasons why Roooh's comment piqued my interest.)
Reason one is reasonably obvious. Was Attorney General, in said hospital, legally capable of carrying out the duties of his office?
If not, which seems almost certain, what did Gonzales and Card think they could legally accomplish by persuing his signature? His signature would have had no force in law and any spying program so authorized would not have a legal sign-off by the Justice Department.
Reason two for my pique is that, apparently, a higher up in the administration set these two top officials off, not only to seek acquiesence from a bed ridden man, but to accomplish a mission that had no legal quotient.
This aspect is what sincerely disturbs me. This administration has such an ingrained penchant for ignoring and circumventing domestic law, international law and constitutional law that they proceeded to initiate a tawdry mission which could in no way have an operative or legal conclusion.
Emanating from Bush and Cheney, this now institutionalized blindness and disregard for ethical and moral behavior is chilling.
--Craig Johnson--

May 15, 2007


Gonzales Must Resign

Consistent flagitious behavior derogatory to the Constitution and the American legal system just simply can not be condoned.
Alberto Gonzales must resign immediatly.
If need be, Articles of Impeachment should be prepared to assist this rogue Attorney General to accept his shameful behavior and resign.
-- Craig A. Johnson--

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May 09, 2007


Cheney's Leer & the Glint on the Cross

Among all of Dick Cheney's distasteful contorted facial expressions the one that was most chilling and evil, which I wish that I had not seen, was the leer he transmitted to a GOP faithful audience when he disclosed that AQ in Iraq now numbers fifteen thousand.
His leer fully transmitted that he used the propaganda lies, that AQ was connected to Iraq, to get our guns and oil companies into Iraq. It also transmitted the, to him, deliciously evil twist that the lie has now morphed into the truth.
That AQ is now several thousand strong in Iraq is a grotesque result of the pathetically naive Neocon misadventure. It's also a plank in their arguments that we need to stay.
"The dolts, (meaning the American public and the MSM), don't have a clue as to what evil we will employ to accomplish our goals," is what the leer beams to the mightiest of the Bush base.
...as the sunlight flickered on the cross in his lapel...

---Craig Johnson---
(photo source: The Future of Television)

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May 08, 2007


Do You Want a Good T.V. Guide

The purpose of television is to present advertising to consumers.
It is not to entertain or educate, not remotely. It is to get advertising into your home, 24/7, and, and, you pay for it.
Actors, anchors, studio execs, athletes and corporate interests become mega wealthy from the multi trillion dollar advertising tidal wave.
Docile and benumbed to the corporate theft inherent in that glowing tube of advertisements in their living rooms, the American citizenry coughs up $500 to a $1,000 a year per family to be thus solicited.
We pay to be subjected to 24/7 advertisements in our homes. Go figure.
If a section of the viewing public, of the demographic size and wealth of L.A., for example, simply said 'we all refuse to pay a penny for cable service', then presto capitalistic miracle, service would reappear funded by the advertisers who want your eyeballs on those screens.
Think about it. You or we might even say "And while we've got your ear, give us a decent flippin program guide!!"

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May 02, 2007


I Need Me a War Czar

(Let's listen in on a White House conversation.)

Bush: Hey. Have you come up with that Czar guy yet?

Under qualified evangelical Lackey: We're having problems Mr. President. We inputted high profile names and created a values' friendly list of those that hate gays, family planning and abortions; then we cross referenced this list to those that would be willing to let the Rove propaganda section politically sloganize any major ideas or pronouncements they might have: then we tested the then remaining candidates as to could they swallow their most heartfelt opinions if those opinions might be in disagreement with yours, praise Jesus.

Bush: And? Who did y'all come up with?

Under qualified evangelical lackey: Harriet and Brownie top the list for those currently available. George T. was on it but he's now left the sanctuary. Alberto and Condi got top grades too, but well, they already work for you.

Bush: Well, can't you tweak the inputs a little to get more names? Did you hear that? I said, "Tweak the inputs a little." That's pretty savvy, isn't it. "Tweak the inputs." I like that. I'm not as isolated and uninformed as people think I am. Am I?

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May 01, 2007


Depraved Indifference versus 'Support the Troops'

It is well documented that the State Department prepared a post Iraq invasion plan that pointed out the likelihood of Sunni on Shia civil strife/slaughter. And now George Tenet painfully divulges that the CIA had a written inteligence section outlining and warning of the likely sectarian carnage. These documents were either shelved and ignored or appended to the tail end of the rigged, or politically "fixed", intelligence that made the positive case for war; the positive case that the administration demanded.
The Military general staff was forbidden on pain of being fired from preparing a full G-4 or post-invasion plan which would with 100% certainty have warned of this civil slaughter danger. Political expediency demanded that our Marines, our Army and our Navy front line warriors be sent into battle unprepared.
There is a crime in this duplicitous action to send human targets into battle but hide the known consequences to meet political ends.
This action ended up causing thousands of deaths and injuries to purposefully unprepared U.S. troops. This crime is called 'Depraved Indifference.'
All mankind now knows that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld organized a propaganda network which cherry picked intelligence to deliberately deceive the American public. (That somebody from this large organized propaganda cabal, in this case Cheney's Chief of Staff, was eventually convicted of felonious behavior should not be surprising. But those who support a Scooter pardon should be made to publicly declare that they are in essence declaring that they support, then and now, the propaganda program that lied American and Iraqi citizens into this spiraling deathtrap called Iraq. But I digress.)
Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al not only cherry picked false fear-based intelligence that led to this conflagration they also deliberately buried the the dangers that our troops would face.They put the troops in harms way.
Plenty of documentation exists that the neocon cabal purposely chose not to 'Support our Troops' by providing the normal and required prewar planning.
Had the political agenda of the neocon cabal been made subservient to proper war planning, thousands of our troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis would not now be dead or maimed.
This depraved indifference should have its day in court.
Craig Johnson

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