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January 29, 2007


Why the Senators Preen and Coo

In the Wolf/Cheney interview. Cheney says no one forecast how beaten down the Shia were from thirty years under Saddam. This translates in Cheney-speak to: "The Shia are pussies," hence we can arm them and train them but the Sunni's are still going to kick their ass.
Yesterday Sunni insurgents tossed rockets into the Green Zone, again.
Somebody please ask Petraeus, on record, what are the odds if we leave Iraq today that the Sunnis will kick the Shia's butt?
The preening Senator's could have asked Petraeus some educational questions when they had him on the stand but for some reason that's not how Senate committees work.
I wonder if you put mirrors next to each Senator if they'd damage themselves from excessive self peckerheading?
I think we're backing the losing team. Iraq will be controlled by violent armed men for at least the next decade. Right now, due to the administration's incompetence, it's controlled by violent armed Americans. If we wish to have safety in the Green Zone, we're going to have to surge, augment and escalate for a looong time.
Maybe that's why the Senators preen and coo.
Reality says there's little else to do.

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January 27, 2007


Who Actually Kills Who in Iraq?

What are the statistics for dead troops and dead Iraqis?
If February is expected to bring, say, 200 dead troops and 3,000 dead civilians, then how many will be killed by what Iraqi participants?
Better yet, break it down by province. How many deaths from Sunni insurgents? How many from criminal elements? How many from foreign fighters/terrorists? How many from Shiite insurgents or death squads.
The Senate had Petraeus on the stand and talked about themselves.
How about some concretish numbers and forecasts and then explain how or why or what a surge is going to change. These numbers must exist on at least an extrapolated or best guess basis.
It would be illuminating to see what groups kill who. It would also decrease a lot of partisan spin, such as it's foreign terrorists, or the latest spin that it's Iranian agents.
As much as the press, I suppose, is paid to write about who said what about whom, i.e. gossip, a few facts from time to time would be educational.


January 24, 2007


Feminism Trumps Psalm Singing Whales

If one allometrically scales the taxon mammals for encephalization quotient the results indicate that man and the porpoise are most equal. This affinity, (i.e. similar brain weight) alone could explain why porpoises and humans interact so well.
Also, whales, followed by elephants, rank highest in brain size surpassing the three-pound brain weight of man and porpoise.
These facts lead one to a complete teleological construct for the animal kingdom, plants included, and the universe: an all inclusive religion.
Simply stated, plants and man, each of carbon and water, seek similar corporal and spiritual nourishment, hallmarked by the “big brains” speaking or singing their love of God (generic).
It is a beautiful theory. All existence, all spirituality, gloriously, harmoniously, and ever so upliftingly encapsulated.
Man and plants together turn to the same spiritual sun and the hauntingly beautiful whale songs are psalms to God, hymns to the infinite.
Oh crap! It appears that female whales can’t or don’t or aren’t allowed to sing.
What a God darn bummer. Well, it was a nice oasis of spirituality while it lasted.
But wait! If women can marry other women and women are equal to men and females of ancient lizard species are procreating by both laying and fertilizing eggs themselves, then ergo the male whales might just be helping with the household chores and all is well. Yes? No? Maybe?



Major Oil Co.'s Avoid Tax Obligations by Leasing US Military Assets

In recognition of the fact that most combat engaged military assets, ships, planes, humvees, etc. are indirectly in the employ of US corporate petroleum interests, (see Dick C's secret meeting), the administration announces an accounting coup.
The major oils have completed a sale and leaseback of a significant portion of the United States' Military hardware.
The three trillion dollar proceeds to the government are being applied to reducing US debt to China and evil Hugo. The dollar is soaring on international bourses. Also, the USA trade imbalance is set to plummet while the oligarchic petroleum interests use this transaction to shelter their rocketing tax obligations for decades.
(For technical details see Ken Lay, "Off Balanced Sheet Accounting: 101" and "So, Who's Your Momma?" by Cheney Press)


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