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January 31, 2006


Bring Our Troops Home

Our dependence on unstable foreign sources of oil, to a large degree now, and more so in the future from the Persian Gulf dictates much of our military and national security planning and resource allocation.

Only by reducing our dependency on foreign hydrocarbon supplies will we be able bring home our troops from this war and/or the next war and/or the next war all fought to keep our ever-growing oil requirements flowing. The fact that China is foremost among our competitors for now scarce, becoming scarcer world oil supplies should be emphasized daily if need be.

The problem with America is here, not there. The solution lies here, not overseas. A national call to increase vehicle mileage ratings, increase solar and wind power usage and invest a portion of the hundreds of billions that war requires in advanced energy creation is the only sane course for America and all other major importing countries.

That pollution, global warming and our massive footprint in the Middle East, which so inflames so many, will be decreased by a national commitment to energy independence are all side effects; each a boon to America and mankind.

Iraq is not nearly the last war nor the bloodiest nor the most frightening that we will be fighting unless we get our ship in order. Be perfectly aware and be loudly forewarned that if we lack the will to change our dependent ways, thereby necessitating future conflicts, our military and our troops will rightly be seen as an international mercenary force in the employ of a failed national energy policy.

The famous World War One song rang out:

‘The boys are coming, the boys are coming,
and they won’t be back until it’s ‘Over, Over There.’”

May I suggest:

“They won’t be back until it’s ‘Over, Over Here.’”


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