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November 26, 2006


Oh Irony

The Sunni insurgents are now literally and actually in their "last throes."
But now this statement means they have won.
A knowledgeable source basically says that it is an open secret that the Sunni insurgents will kick the Shia's butt when we leave.
And, our staying will serve no useful purpose.
Let events take their course.
Tis a shame we didn't go in with 300,000 troops or not disband the Army, but "Oh well."


November 22, 2006


Three Speedy Ways to Mid-East Peace

1. Accelerate global warming until entire Mid-East is barren shifting desert.

2. Free of charge, flood Mess-O-Potamia with misogynistic rap CD's, low hip jeans, nipple and labia piercing Pierce-O-Matic guns, tattoo paraphernalia, (edible veils?) and other essences of the West until the youth rise up in a tsunamic fever of co-opted capitalistic consumerism.

3. Admit that Jesus was a goof.

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"Pandora's War"

Shaun Mullen at Kiko'sHouse blogspot wrote a great piece about the several ironies arising from the present position of America vis a vis Iraq and the Arab world. I added:

Adding to your paradoxi and conundrums would be this:

Once there were the three countries that comprised the axis of evil, N. Korea, Iran and Iraq.

By putting the US Military in the hand of incompetents N. Korea feels free to set off a nuke. Iraq becomes the training ground for Jihadists and we're moving towards asking evil Iran and its evil cousin Syria to intervene to save our butts.

In this Pandora's War of Bush et al we are so lost and defeated as to be now resorting to empowering terrorist states as the best available option.

If you score this debacle as if it was a round robin tournament it would come out to:
N. Korea 20
Iraq disqualified
Iran 50
Syria 15
Israel minus 30
U.S.A. withdrew

If terrorist states are an existential threat to the west we just ceded them home field advantage for decades.

Grotesque seems the best epithet for Pandora's War.

--Posted by cognitorex to Kiko's House at 11/22/2006 04:18 PM--


November 12, 2006


Mid-East Oil - Conspiracy or Required Policy Consideration?

It's time to discuss the topic of Mid-East oil openly.
The vast majority of foreign nations opine that oil is why we occupied Iraq. Iraqi's say we're there for the oil.
The American press and even the blog-o-sphere avoid the subject as if "oil" means a conspiracy theory, and all conspiracy theory's are whacky. If Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar did not have two thirds of the earths' oil resources and potentially need allied forces in the region we would not be there.
How and how big to plant American military resources in the mid east is a natural question. It is not remotely a conspiracy."Keeping the straights of Hormuz open is in the US nat'l security interests," is a Ted Kennedy quote.
Having a Texas yahoo blow up Iraq without a plan to secure the peace so that his friends and close personal allies could profit, that specific set of facts is a conspiracy. (see Cheney's secret meeting)
However, that we're in the mid east for oil is a fact, not a conspiracy and it should be openly discussed because decisions and policy have to acknowledge "oil.""

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November 10, 2006


Firing Rummy Killed the Spotlight

I can not believe how much has been written about the firing of Rumsfeld without stating the obvious.
George W. and Donald R are tied at the hip for every lie, miscalculation and act of ineptitude/incompetence.
Every question which would have been thrown at Rummy; every accusation and every ounce of scorn would have been metaphorically posed to a physically present GW in front of Biden, Hilary, Murtha, Rangel, Pelosi, Reid et al.
He fired himself when he fired the team and then withdrew to his lair. That is it. Period.


November 08, 2006


Are We Ready ?

These last six years of criminal near psychopathic rule by the GOP began when the khaki pants button-downed Republi-Youth marched on the Floridians daring to perform a legally mandated recount. The slide to demeaning the constitution, habeas corpus and the Geneva Accords began that day.

Frankly, as the Supreme Court began deliberations to mandate a Bush victory, I opined that America needed a few years of the thugs' rule so that the Democrats and the populous could be reminded what they stood for. If the Democratic Party will not now stand for and the voters do not now demand responsible non-corporate-purchased legislation we all will have learned nothing and deserve the venal ineptitude that comes from oligarchic rule.



When Murtha says Redeploy !

Dems take governorships, state legislatures, the House and the Senate.
Redeployment takes on a new and iridescent meaning.
Thank you John Murtha.



“God Forgive Me, I Voted Democratic”

Desperate voters, fearful that homosexuals might enjoy the sanctity of marriage knowingly elect an incompetent President.
(2004 Election Summary - cognitorex)

Desperate voters, despite their fears that homosexuals might enjoy the sanctity of marriage knowingly elect oversight for an incompetent President.
(2006 Election Summary - cognitorex)

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November 06, 2006


Please Let’s Be Delicate With Saddam

Sitting in his garden, sipping tea with his pinkie extended, the Bush hating intellectual muttered and raged and muttered over the indelicate manner in which Saddam was sentenced to death.
His son came down the path and said with a pleasant smile, “Oh Socratic One, it’s on the news that we’re pulling out of Iraq. Now you can rest and be happy we at least ‘offed’ Saddam before we scooted our asses out of there.”
The delicate wise man muttered anew gesturing and becoming shrill.
“Old Man you can’t hear the forest for the trees” said the son, gently reaching down to turn on the muttering man’s hearing aid.


November 01, 2006


Middle East Sports are Complicated

I've been trying to imagine the Iraq situation as a football game.
Start with Shia on one side of the ball and Sunnis on the other. The Yanks are the Officials.
Embedded in both side are thugs and murderers who from time to time shoot somebody in the huddle or kidnap a prominent son or daughter, demanding a first down as payment.
Also playing are a few Jihadists who plant explosives in the football just when one side appears poised to score. They, to date, have been so efficient that the goal line areas have all but disappeared.
The field is surrounded by US tanks because the stands empty in violent protest after close calls bring cries of favoritism. For cheers, “Satan’s Lackeys” and “Give us back our Oil” seem to be crowd favorites.
The Mullahs, of course, declared a fatwa regarding the use of pigskin which was particularly dicey but had the cheering side effect of seeing all participants line up on the same side for a mercurial moment. The Mullahs also pointed out that the “Hail Mary” pass was forbidden eleven centuries prior to the invention of the game of football which speaks volumes about the locals’ concept of time.
The part of the game that is most dispiriting however are the cheerleaders. First of all there are one hundred and six different cheerleader contingents representing each of the religious, familial and tribal loyalties with feuding interests. Then there's the fact that they're covered from head to toe which gives one the sense of how oxy-islamic the whole concept of organized competition here truly is.
The fact that the stands keep disintegrating, which requires additional kickbacks to Halliburton and KBR, who somehow have all the concessions, doesn’t help in the slightest.
Well, to quote Rummy, “it's complicated.”
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