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December 30, 2006


Ted Kennedy & "The Marina Belle"

Chloe is nearing four years old. Two weekends ago she ended up sitting on Ted Kennedy's knee, having a chat, at a Cape Cod marina. She sensed the deference afforded to the Senator and knew he was somehow important.
Later she asked her Dad, Bryan, my son in law who had perchance been able to assist the Kennedys with certain logistics, i.e. the Secret Service driver didn't have directions to get to the marina: she asked, "Daddy, is he Santa Claus?"

Merry Xmas
Craig Johnson


December 21, 2006


craig johnson aka cognitorex away until New Year


The Pope's Prophylactics

I have this vision of acolytes preparing the Pope's food in the Vatican kitchens.
In this day and age they are appropriately wearing latex sheaths on their hands. Each finger is covered; ten little condoms for the Pope's oral hygiene.
But when it comes to genitalia..icky, icky...Pius and Paul...forswear protection in Christ's name...you'all.

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Saudi Ambassador Best Not a Kissing Cousin

The Bush family and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia are hand holding, corporate cousin kissing tight.

During the oncoming decade in which Shiites may continue to ascend en masse over the Mid East, Saudi Arabia and the incompetent architects of this political maelstrom may well see beaucoups of bad blood and bitter words of recrimination.

It would be best if Saudi's man in the US of A were not of the Royal Family.

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December 17, 2006


Time Person of Year : Category Incompetence

"And in the Category of Consistency in Incompetence,.....the winner is,....the Purrr..esident of the United States....George Walker Bush!!!"
As Hendrik Hertzberg writes in The New Yorker, Bush has been over his head since taking office, most especially in regard to Iraq/foreign affairs.
I have a golf partner, John, late thirties, tech-savvy, enjoying his first newborn, Sarah. He is right wing with a slight mist of bigotry and racism. We treat our differences with humor, trading barbs and occasional internet links about gossipy partisan outrages that, at one, are serious and sad yet qualify as black humor.
Prior to the election he said, "You and my Dad have been telling me how incompetent and out of touch Bush is. I finally get it."
Some may laud Emanuel and Schumer for putting good tires on the Democratic vehicle which eventually won the elections. Others may extol the " digital public" for providing the gas and hoorah Howard Dean for a fifty state map but in the end it was Bush and Cheney and their incompetence that "Got us to the Church on Time."

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December 15, 2006


"Unknown Unknowns"
Illustrated by Johari's Window

Johari Window - a psychometric tool

A Johari window is a metaphorical tool created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955 in the United States, used to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. It is used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise.



I'm Sleeping Well, In Case You Ask

George Bush has a history of telegraphing the truth by publicly uttering remarks that are negatively responsive to his private truths.
I am a Uniter...........not.
I will hire the most qualified..........not.
I will return honesty and values to the White House.........,oh my god, not!
His best, among many, to my mind was when he, decided for no apparent reason to make (paraphrased) the false pronouncement that "it takes a warrant to eavesdrop on Americans and we always get warrants."
When Bush says that he knows why others would expect a person in his "I-screwed-the-pooch-again" position to sleep poorly, he is making an admission.
The comedians and psychologists understand this behavior of Bush. In comedy speak, Bush walks up to his friend and announces, "You know that I'm not sleeping with your wife, right?"
Oppositional Defiant behavior in a teen is a warning of bad things to come. In a president it leads to bombs, flames, international disgrace, hundreds of thousands dead and fleeing and just a tiny backward admission that this is all so very shameful.
It’s said that President Bush recently awoke and startled Laura, exclaiming, “I did not have sex with that country.”



Sick dolphins? Send for the tallest man

Published by "The Independant"
By Clifford Coonan in Beijing
Published: 15 December 2006

It's the kind of job that only someone with 3ft, four-inch arms can carry out.
Two dolphins at an oceanarium in Fushun, in the Chinese province of Liaoning, had managed to swallow chunks of plastic after nibbling at the edge of their cage. The mammals were in distress after the objects became stuck and the vets were at a loss.
Enter the world's tallest living man, according to the Guinness Book of Records, a Chinese farmer named Bao Xishun who stands 7ft, seven inches, or 2.36m, tall.
He was called in to save the cetaceans and rose to the challenge after reaching into their stomachs to remove the plastic.


December 12, 2006


The Elephant in the Room is Oil

Does anybody remember when Bush/Cheney told Shirac, Schroeder and Putin that if they didn't put troops into the fray that they would not get any of the post-war goodies. These were oil men making decisions equivalent to putting together an investment consortium to divvy up access to Iraq's huge oil reserves.
If the US leaves Iraq without holding a power base then Russia, France, Germany and the biggest, winner-by-default competitor, China, will have a leg up on the US oil comrades.
This is so anathematical to US oil interests as to absolutely defy rational description.
Exxon Mobil is financially the equivalent of the fifth or sixth largest country in the world. Then there's Halliburton, Chevron, other oil majors and would-be Texas oil players salivating for Iraq access.
To think that Bush/Cheney can take a fork in the Iraq policy road which is best for the US but leaves the US oils shut out is complete hogwash. Iraq's reserves and the Southern Asia reserves I call Petro-stan represent what, forty percent of the future revenues of the oil and gas business worldwide for the next century?
Bush/Cheney are ethically, morally and financially conflicted and under no circumstances will the US be fully departing Iraq until new non oil related leadership takes office, presumably, in 2008.
No democracy intended; none forthcoming.

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The Oligarchic Goose is Amoral

Twenty years ago corporations paid over twenty per cent of US taxes. With the aid of computers to effect accounting loophole schemes, which heretofor could only be wished for, the size, scope and speed of tax ripoffs has massively accelerated. The IRS is very open that they are outmanned and outschemed by the size and scope of these ripoffs.
US banks and others, in addition to transfer pricing schemes, were leasing European tram systems and sewer systems, sewer systems I say, to avoid billions in taxes. Some of this I believe has been now blocked but it took years just to unravel and stop even these egregious frauds.
What gives me a satirical chuckle is that when the banks felt that the average Joe had found a loophole and was shedding his credit card debt through bankruptcy they took over congress to close this loophole.
Loopholes are sacrosanct to the corporate oligarchy but holy crap, stop the presses, they are apostasically verboten for the citizenry.
I always say, if the goose is amoral, the gander has every right to their day in court. Don't ya think?

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Tom DeLay: The Proxymoron

Defined as: Tom Delay invoking Christ, God or ethics in his speech. Tom DeLay speaking for God.
Variant: Brother Frist diagnosing Terry Schiavo's brain function from a video (and invoking God, Christ or Christian ethics).
Proxymoronic: Bush, using only "Bubba-speak", requests a half Billion big ones for a Bush Library: (and invokes any symbol of sense or ethical decorum.)

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December 11, 2006


“When Ambassadors Withdraw”

Inter alia, having US forces in the Middle East (but not near Mecca) was intended to provide security/stability for the region and protect Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is now in a political war, facing the cascading domino thunder of Shiite ascendancy.
The US is mulling backing Iraqi Shiites as a solution for the civic strife in Iraq. To do so would be to declare a shooting war against Sunnis and bring Saudi into a shooting war.
So, America is on the brink of being on the opposite side as Saudi Arabia in a shooting war.
Might not Saudi (ahem) withdraw their Ambassador?

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December 08, 2006


"Semantic Plethorae"

Iraq was governed by brutality before we arrived. It is going to be governed by brutality when we leave regardless of timing.
Ten plethora's of semantic universes will not change this sad fact.
If however the "mission" is occupation.............?


December 01, 2006


Executive Branch Conflict says "We Stay"

Were it not for the fact that two thirds of the earth's known hydrocarbon reserves are in or proximate to Iraq we would not be in our present mess. Each and every one of Vice President Cheney's lies concerning Iraq are consistent with his serving the interests of Halliburton and the major oils. To say that he and, to a similar or lesser extent, the President do not have the appearance of a conflict of interest is disingenuous.
Given that the executive branch has a conflict of interest, what follows is that US Iraq foreign policy will be skewed to meet the oil interests until 2009. At the point of the US leaving Iraq the French, Russian and Chinese oil interests will gain equal or superior footing relative to Cheney's oil allies. This is anathema to this administration who"must" do all in their power to somehow keep the US the dominant power in Iraq.
The non executive branch Republicans had best now combine with the Democrats to force implementation of what are perceived to be the best available foreign policy initiatives. The 2006 Mid Term election was a resounding "Vote of no-confidence" for Republican leadership and 2008 will be more of the same unless a policy of what is best for the oils is jettisoned in favor of what is best for the US.

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