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March 22, 2006




Sadly, I'm a latecomer to the brilliance and courage of Helen Thomas. I do agree with her "Lap Dogs" article that the collective press is lame, tending to gutless.I also agree with Helen that "Why The War Georgie Boy?" (as posed by her to "W" in yesterday's ( 3.21.06) Presidential press conference) is a question to which every human being on the planet deserves an answer.

If the neocons, as most analysts conclude, had forceful cogent reasons for invading Iraq prior to 9/11 then let the world debate those reasons.

With thousands of Americans dead and dust from the Towers still falling, rampant nationalism and fear allowed a closeted committed few to hijack our military, democracy and international law to implement a long held agenda.

History demands that this "Why The War" question be answered.

Iraq is such a cockup, so ill conceived, so poorly implemented, so internationally ill received, so inflaming and offering such dismal short term prospects that I think back to the Spring of 2003.

George Bush, in a meeting with Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac, says, "Look guys, if you don't join me in this war you're not getting any of the post-war goodies. No oil field contracts, no reconstruction contracts, nothing, we'll keep it all for ourselves."

Jacques and Gerhard huddle with their aides for a moment and then smilingly respond. "Our loss is your gain, big buddy, we're going to pass."


March 01, 2006



Uncle Sam sits astride a GOP bedecked elephant with his hand outstretched, he is speaking to a K Street identified man who is handing him an envelope marked with $$$.


"What did you think we meant when we said we were the ' Values ' party ?"

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