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January 31, 2008


Get down with the down-ticket candidate

It's cut and dried that Obama will bring significantly more Democratic voting voters to the general election than will Bill/Hill.
He will increase the House and Senate Democratic majorities over a Bill/Hill ticket and inter alia, will thus be the superior leader for augmenting change in D.C.("Day One.")
Get down with the down-ticket candidate, Barack Obama.

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January 30, 2008


Thank you Ralph Nader for Obama

When we awake in November, McCain having lost to Obama and both the Senate and House firmly Democratic we need give thanks to the prime mover of these events.
Ralph Nader declared that there was no discernible choice between the parties and personally engineered eight venal years of 'win at all cost' Republican rule.
That right versus wrong and ethics and honor are being aired as themes of action today rather than lip service parodies is the direct result of Mr. Nader's bringing us the myriad Gonzales, Rove, DeLay cross wearing blood suckers.
Ralph changed the discourse. It's about hope now although my fingers are crossed in a death lock hoping that courage will rise up to make the rhetoric real.

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January 25, 2008


Capitalism, Binge Lending and Spillage

As the big boys say in Alcoholics Anonymous, "I've spilled more booze than you've even thought of drinking." Likewise the shear waste and uneconomic spillage in US capitalistic practice is an unseen, mind boggling sum of money.

Having personally inked $$ billions of loan deals and met folks destined for both the White House and for jail the most important thing I would like each voter (and economist) to know is:

"The gross dollar value of the rank waste and economic inefficiencies in 'big boy' capitalism is more than sufficient to many times fund both Social Security and Medicare shortfalls."

When the corporate and financial types declaim that there isn't enough money to pay reasonable taxes and/or to provide a broad safety net for the disenfranchised folks in our society tell them to shut their greedy yaps. Offer them the following deal.

"You make sure the poor can eat and get medical necessities and we'll let you continue to take a small bite out of all the capital flows that wash around financial centers, including embezzlement like bonuses and commissions for your daily toil and for your latest bubble-like ponzi-smacking get-rich fiasco(s). But, be aware of our recognition that the Pound Sterling and the Euro, currency representatives for the full-out 'Socialism' of Europe, are hands down taking the Dollar to the cleaners. Significant change is needed and the broom is in your hands."

"For the moment!"

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January 23, 2008


"Double Occupancy" - Two Presidents in the White House

A husband retires and starts going grocery shopping with his wife, the long serving cook and Mother of the family. By trip two he not only catches on but envisions he can shop smarter and better.
Oochy Momma!
His out loud suggestions should engender a cartoon like humor response but they're actually grating to the ear. Human nature is not logical and certainly some parts of human nature don't bear public scrutiny well.
Then, there's the case of two Presidents residing in the White House simultaneously. Oh yeah.
But. But. You know what. This Presidential "Double Occupancy" scenario could easily become an international comedic soap opera.
Poof! The raging hatred and loss of prestige for America that hallmark Bush's actions in office could evaporate into winks and smiles as Bill and Hill bring "He said - she said" domestic relations to international diplomacy.
Set aside those suicide bomb suits guys. This is going to be fun.

(I want the copyright on "Double Occupancy" as a White House based plot)

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January 17, 2008


Bush and Bernanke push corporate socialism

The financial types made, packaged and sold huge numbers of poor mortgages. As they traded these shoddy assets back and forth amongst themselves they, (Wall Street) paid themselves $25 billion in bonuses for 2006 and $32 billion for 2007.
Now Bernacke and Bush recommend a stimulus to replace the missing equity capital in the financial system. How can this not be called socialism? Or is socialistic tinkering with the system to protect the rich called a stimulus package while providing health care is oh so unAmerican.
The nation's debt has skyrocketed from six to nine trillion dollars under Bushco and as a legacy for his last year he will oversee spending a couple hundred billion dollars we don't have to bail out his cronies.
Meanwhile a useful scorecard to watch is that the Pound and the Euro continue to soar against the dollar even while Europe provides a social net for the health and retirement of their workers.
We get to inject billions into the economy in an act of corporate socialism; Wall Street takes out $57billion and yet helping the poor with medical bills and heating costs remains a danger to the American psyche.
As they say: "Go figure."

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January 14, 2008


The "Fairy Tale" in the Clinton campaign

Bill Clinton nakedly lied to the nation and the fact that the Democrats are not discussing it in no way means that it has gone away. His national standing was then so hemorrhaged that he became quasi toxic in the 2000 election thus single handedly denying Gore his Presidential due. It somehow seems dead wrong that a process has begun, the culmination of which will be to again place this once disgraced man in the White House. We live in the era where stardom supersedes values for the masses, a la American Idol and the "Brittany" effect, but primary voters and the Democratic Party should think long and hard before they offer philandering Bill the first spouse position.
I love Bill and could easily vote for the Clinton him/her or her/him combo but there is a "Fairy Tale" being told in the Clinton electioneering speeches.
The fairy tale is that Hillary can remotely match Mr Obama's ability to affect change in Washington. She/he can claim more experience in the legislative process, etc. but the fact that so many people despise her/him will end up with the legislative process being hallmarked by brutal antagonism. Look for the first ever Republican congressperson to perform self immolation rather than give Bill and Hillary passage of any historic legislation. Sadly, they simply have too much negative baggage to approach Mr. Obama's potential for a massive November turn out and his potential for systemic change in Washington and some modicum of national healing.

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January 03, 2008


Conjugate America: I torture, you torture, we torture.

Ode to Bush and Cheney
( February 2004 )

Thugs in suits,
wearing crosses,
speaking Jesus,
doing trash.

Blood of Inquisitors,
long cold,

Thugs in suits,
wearing crosses,
speaking Jesus,
doing trash.

Read this poem as a poetic prediction as to where this evango' phony amoral mercenary hiring administration was going to lead America.
It was written before Abu Ghraib and water boarding became verbal markers for the demise of America's positive self image.

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