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November 17, 2005


Letter to Democratic Leadership

I feel strongly that the Democratic leadership and strategists are unequal to the methodology of the Republicans. No one would wish for Democrats to display the “jackboot gene” apparent in the way the Republicans are constantly in lockstep when delivering their propaganda but they must counter this methodology or fail.

Why give money to Democrats, particularly Oval Office aspirants, if by methodology alone they are doomed to not reach that one to three percent of the electorate necessary to tip elections in their favor?

Example: a label such as “Flipflopper” can, on the margin, make an enormous difference. Why then is there not a label attached to Karl Rove that is known to and used by millions of voters? He apparently used classified material previously and has done so again. He could have been dubbed the ’designated leaker.’ I personally would have had every Democrat smiling and saying (in reference to Karl Rove), “Oh, you mean the Leaker of The House.”

A good label has the ability to circumscribe his entire persona, forevah. . He should have a label and it should be a household word.

Similarly, when Scooter lies and appears to ’cover up’, this action and indictment should be tied to ’FAMILY VALUES’ over and over and over. The suspicion of Rove’s leaking classified material should be tied to ’family values’ over and over and over.

It’s a long way to ought eight but if the Democrats do diddley squat to expand the list of values in family values they are inept. If they allow the Republicans to own the title ’the values party’ and continue to allow this to be defined as abortion and gay marriage, the Democrats, their office aspirants and the Party are going to come in second

Dick Cheney lies without compunction. What is the family value quotient in this behavior? He openly spearheads an administration campaign to opt out of the Geneva Convention. Can you please tie that to values? American values? Family values?

If the Democrats do not label Rove and do not start owning a large chunk of the political ground surrounding the values’ word they are ceding America’s future to their opponents.

postscript: the Kerry Campaign used my ‘letter to editor’ themed “Bush said he was a Uniter.” The Kerry campaign did not use my published letters re “family values.” Tis time to change tactics.

November 04, 2005



(1) The effect of combining W's (W as in George W.) ecology leadership with Global Warming.
(2) Retribution resulting from failure to exert moral stewardship over planet Earth.
(3) The event which will depopulate Earth of its primary opposable thumb species thereby causing permanent cancellation of the 'Second Coming' (see; Christianity. Evangelicalism.)(also see:)

Warmegeddon--War-megeddon--Warm-egeddon--Warrantless-egeddon--What constitution-egeddon?


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