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June 28, 2008


MSNBC losing big time to FOX quoth a liberal

FOX News provides more news and analysis than the constant gossipy drivel from MSNBC's Chris Matthews (Hardball) and David Gregory (Race to the White House.)
Set aside the fact that, say, 10% of FOX's broadcasts are patently right leaning. Then analyze how much of the remainder is new items of the day presented with facts and analysis. FOX is three to ten times more educational than MSNBC's mix of insider conjecture and pure campaign gossip

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June 08, 2008


Iraq, Stay or Leave? (a reprint)

June 29, 2007

Iraq, Stay or Leave?
If the Iraqi's stopped all fighting, formed an exemplary democratic national government and bid all American troops to leave Iraq this would be a great victory to 'progressives' and liberals. They would offer money and services to restore Iraq to health while all the while grinning madly that peace and prosperity had been the result of America's intervention in Iraq.
Meanwhile Bush, Cheney, the neocons and their oil company allies would have a fit. As I have previously written, I have seen Dick Cheney smile that Al Qaida is now in Iraq. It suits his interests to a tee. Instability in the Midddle East is a power goal and an economic goal for those in office today. A rush to bomb Iran before leaving office is cogent policy and tactically urgent for this group.
The Democrats should take their case directly to the American voters with a bi-partisan touring panel. The message would be that the Iraqi's are not our enemy. The message should include the Iraq Parliment's agreement and blessing that withdrawal is the mutually sanest course to reduce violence.
Retired Generals who know full well that there is nothing to win in Iraq should join the touring panel to explain to the voters that a policy of leaving is more likely to be a policy of winning than what is constituted by a policy of staying.
Both serving and retired Generals know that there is nothing to "win" in Iraq except for our departure sooner or later. The military brass know that attacking Iran will cripple the military and to some degree leave America defenseless. It's time that the armed forces stop serving as mercenaries for a Cheney led economic policy which actively promotes Mid East instability as its corner stone.
Leaving Iraq is the natural and ultimate goal.
Our staying provides political ammo for the Al Qaida misfits we led into the country. Our leaving cripples these thugs' political message and motivation.
Eighty plus per cent of the Iraqis want the U.S. to leave.
And we stay why?
Cheney and his cohorts lie when they say we stay to win. They lie when they say the Jihadis will any more follow us home than they attempt to do so at present. They lie that our nationalism should want us to stay when leaving is the only defensible long term plan. They entice and invoke a following by propaganda calls to follow the Red, White and Blue while corruptly wishing our occupation and control to continue ad infinitum.
America's best interest are served by leaving.
Get er done, Congress.
Get er done, voters!

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June 06, 2008


Pittsfield UU Meditation Sangha

Pittsfield UU Meditation Sangha is, for the moment, the name for our group that sits each Thursday at 6:00 PM at the Wendell Ave UU Church.
Linda, Ron and Craig, founding members, and James, Tim, Mike, Doris and Michael all voted after some group discussion that this name sufficed.
Personally I would like it to be called "The Nose Focusers."

Craig mentioned in this quasi business meeting what he thought were the sangha goals embodying the formation of this group.
The first goal is to provide a safe, comraderly place to meditate.
The second goal is to provide a safe, welcoming place to meditate.
Third, this Sangha is in the UU spirit, fully democratic.
It is Buddhist oriented but not exclusively. Other Eastern philosophies, other spiritual philosophies or practices or a 'good poem', all for discussion, are welcomed.
Each attendee is invited to bring a reading or otherwise a topic for discussion to lead a meeting. The weekly moderator's job is to facilitate a good group discussion.
Three first time attendees Mike, Michael and Doris were welcomed.

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June 05, 2008


Clinton and media dysfuncion fandango avoided

I am so relieved that the fan-dango-dysfunction-ings of the Clinton family re-inhabiting the White House won't be the next eight years' daily gossip seeking (what passes for political media) fodder blared night and day in between Paris and Brittany lower cleavage sightings.
Ah Bill, we knew thee well. Too damn well for a rerun, say I.

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June 04, 2008


McCain's is a one-note campaign: "more war"

Step back and summarize who McCain is. He's an old man from a military family that says "we must win, we must win", in between his gaffs and misstatements and saying "we are winning, we are winning." If we win in Iraq and leave, then we are 'surrendering' is Senator McCain's baffling call to keep fighting.

He can't lead on health care, the economy, taxes, jobs or ecology.
Saying he's for change is a contradiction to his upbringing, age, and nature.
He is true to his roots when he repeats his single constant message: more glory on the battlefield, more fighting, more war, any war.

I like the patriotism and the majesty of a good Fourth of July parade as much as anyone but votes are about so many more here-at-home issues. Votes are questionable if cast only to advance the non diplomatic goal of having the U.S. attacking more foreign countries to enforce capitalism and old time vainglory.

The issues John McCain, in his one-note campaign, and by his nature finds less attractive and uplifting are good jobs, fairness in wages, equitable health care and returning Washington to a bi-partisan, non lobbyiest controlled can-do status.

Military might and patriotic pomp have their place but the McCain Bush era mantra of "If you're not afraid, you're a coward." needs to be put out to pasture.

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