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May 29, 2008


Obama to McCain: "John, my America is not losing."

Obama to McCain: "John, my America is not losing."
Surrender is a figment of your imagination. - - .
I will not surrender, John McCain proclaims, as dramatically as he can.
Obama should declaim, "John, John, John. What are you thinking about when you say I, or our military or anybody else, might surrender.
Militarily, our warriors have won all the required battles to give the Iraqis a new start..
If John, your goal is to occupy Iraq, then leaving would be simply letting go of these occupation goals. This 'letting go' is the goal of both Iraq and America. There is no 'surrender' in bringing home our troops from Iraq. It's just admitting that our troops are not fairly deployed for either their sake or America's national security if they are used as referees and civilian police.
John, stop implying that America or our troops are losing or losers. There is no surrender in coming home. To whom would we losing Senator? We've reached the time for us to leave the bulk of the fight to the Iraqis.
The Shiites will fight amongst themselves for power. They will fight Sunnis too and both will fight criminal elements and religious fanatics who align themselves with terrorists. This is the internal struggle facing Iraq for a long while to come.
It's time for America to declare itself a staunch ally of Iraq and Iraqi democracy and cease operations akin to an all out occupying force. No one entity specifically wins when we leave. We lose to no specific entity.
John, unless you pursue battle as an end in itself, which frankly scares me, step back and exercise common sense.
"There is no 'surrender.'
"My America is not losing."

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May 23, 2008


Baker and Appeasement; My scoop on the 2006 Video!

cognitorex wrote:

The original reporting of the Baker Hannity discussion on negotiating and appeasement report is attributable to Craig Johnson aka cognitorex, that's me, right here, how fun to get a scoop, on Op-Ed News October 2006 and his blog cognitorex dot blogspot dot com (Baker flummoxes Hannity). It was also first ressurected/reported in this cycle in Talking Points Memo (TPM Cafe) on Monday May 18 at 7:00 am)See below original report:
TPM Cafe link, which went around net on various sites is:
October 6, 2006 at 09:03:14


by (link=): http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_craig_j...)

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James Baker, the globally accomplished diplomat and former GOP Secretary of State under Reagan totally flummoxed the cartoonish GOP bagman, Sean Hannity.

Point blank, Baker said that given the choice between waging a war or a foreign policy solely restricted to establishing a new democracy in the Mid-east or alternatively pursuing policies of stabilizing the region, policies of stabilization were preferable.

Hannity tried to parry this heretical bashing of Bush's core foreign policy talking point with the usual GOP gobbledygook propaganda such as "this is "World War III" and "this is a fight against Islamo Fascists." Baker seemed uninterested in Sean's offer of GOP red meat talking points and he continued.

Paraphrased as best I can, Baker said, "Given the choice between engaging America's forces based on a principle (i.e. 'democracy') or based on establishing stability, stability is, all things considered, the superior objective.

Not yet finished shredding the inept Bush, Rice, Cheney foreign policy, Baker continued by basically saying that not engaging in talks with America's enemies was nuts and sophomoric (my words). He recounted that he personally visited Syria almost twenty times and on his next visit Syria abandoned their twenty-year-old policy towards Israel and agreed to sit with Israel in negotiations, de facto recognizing their existence.

(The original reporting by me came from simply switching to Fox during "Brittany/Paris" gossip type reporting on MSNBC then me having my mouth drop open as Hannity was dosed and flummoxed with non GOP red meat talking points by Baker.)

Op-Ed news took it as an 'Article" and it received 40,000 hits world wide.)

PS This a sloppy post because my Mother is/was in critical condition and home is now a nursing home. I am biz-ee.

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May 04, 2008


MSNBC Hardball: meanness below the narcissism

Sightings of Brittany's and Paris' un pantied lower cleavage are down in news coverage due to Wright mania.
Only in America.
Remember Dean's scream. If the true sound level masking his scream from that podium had been played, it's affect would have been significantly less.
I wonder if the press and particularly MSNBC's Hardball don't go bat doodle when they smell that by amplifying and fixating on a certain damaging item they can turn an election. It's an exercise of power for power's sake showing that for some pundits meanness lurks below their standard fare of narcissism.

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May 02, 2008


Barack Elitism Gas Tax Truthiness

As for looking at elitism and the truth, this week has seen a great example.
Hillary and McCain offer voters a half of a torn band aid in a gasoline tax rollback that depends on and presumes that the average American voter is plug stupid.
Barack, in stark contrast says, "You guys who want change; let's start right here." "This gas tax rebate gimmick is simple pandering and serves no positive economic purpose for the country you love and wish to see set on the right road again."
Obama trusts the intelligence of the voters, blue collar Catholics included, that they have plenty of good old American common sense to sniff out pandering political pooh; that they are ready to vote shoulder to shoulder for honesty and change.
Only Obama trusts the melting pot cast of Americans. That is 180 degrees from the twittling twattling yammerings that he is elitist.

7:22 AM

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