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July 25, 2004



Big whup! The august NYTimes apologizes for being behind the curve regarding several unpleasant truths regarding our runup and strategies re the war in Iraq.

An extensive article on why the US’s misrepresentations and mistakes were not more fully reported: that would be a news article.

What human prism blurs our vision? Patriotism, loyalty, hope/naivety or fear??

The war with its erroneous justifications, its foolish expectations and its deficient troop levels is now clear.

What I fear and expect, although I fervently wish it were otherwise, is that future discourse will be of the US’s attempt to establish a puppet government in Iraq. Who are these men, some with long ties to various US government offices? Will the Iraqi populous view the upcoming election as bona fide. Or will we have to throw another three years of occupation into the mix as the Iraqi’s struggle to identify their true, to be chosen, leaders?


July 20, 2004



I recently went to Tokyo,
gosh, they all speak Japanese!

In Rome, in church, guess?
people praying on their knees.

In West Texas, oil men, so friendly,
saying, “I’m honest” with a drawl.

and, “Shucks son, I’m so sorry,
it didn’t work out for y’all.”


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