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October 25, 2004


Bush Policies Off Course

In the 2000 race, Bush admitted that he was deficient with regards to foreign policy. He had no personal or political foreign experience. He did not know the issues or the countries to such a degree as to not know foreign leaders' names or the pronunciation thereof.

He explicitly campaigned that he was a manager. That was his modus operandi as Governor and we should all rest easy. He would assemble good "folks" and they and he in harmonic unity would lead America most well.

The rub one worries about today is not that the majority of Americans now believe the country domestically and Iraq-ily are not "most well," but that the manager has morphed into an autocrat.This nil-experienced folksy guy now dictates, by gut feel, by "God's" will or stubborn adhesion to past policies. Reportedly*, he refuses lengthy briefings. He royally dismisses complex presentations or discussions. And, ultra most certainly, dissenting views and presentations receive no audience and are not acknowledged nor appreciated. (* RonSuskind NYTimes).

If a ship's Captain enters foreign waters with no experience and takes no counsel, continuing catastrophe is certain. You can take that to the Bank.

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