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January 23, 2008


"Double Occupancy" - Two Presidents in the White House

A husband retires and starts going grocery shopping with his wife, the long serving cook and Mother of the family. By trip two he not only catches on but envisions he can shop smarter and better.
Oochy Momma!
His out loud suggestions should engender a cartoon like humor response but they're actually grating to the ear. Human nature is not logical and certainly some parts of human nature don't bear public scrutiny well.
Then, there's the case of two Presidents residing in the White House simultaneously. Oh yeah.
But. But. You know what. This Presidential "Double Occupancy" scenario could easily become an international comedic soap opera.
Poof! The raging hatred and loss of prestige for America that hallmark Bush's actions in office could evaporate into winks and smiles as Bill and Hill bring "He said - she said" domestic relations to international diplomacy.
Set aside those suicide bomb suits guys. This is going to be fun.

(I want the copyright on "Double Occupancy" as a White House based plot)

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I like that- I like that a lot. And - well, it is pretty true to what may be life.

This is going to be fun!
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