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September 18, 2004



The laconic Vermonter.
The laid back Californian.
The sarcastic, clipped speech New Yorker.

The Southwest/West Texas oil promoter.

Robert J. Ringer wrote a book about doing business in the Southwest, entitled "Winning Through Intimidation". I don't believe that the book, “All The Presidents Spin,“ is ten per cent as illuminating as his.

After inking a Billion Dollars' plus of oil business deals for a NYC Bank I went into deal making as a Houston boutique. I was soon conned, to no great loss, and was perplexed and flummoxed. I was referred to the above book.

Thereafter, and I mean this literally, when I met "folks" who announced that they were 'honest' I picked up my pens, pencils, and papers, closed my briefcase and with a summary excuse, left their presence. If the potential client said, " I'm Texas-honest " or the big bald one, " I'm so honest we don't even need a contract," I hurried !

George Bush, as a 'cud' carrying member of the oil promoter class and specifically of the worst sub-set, the "I'm so honest" group, is trained to sell by misrepresentation, hyperbole and 'spin.' For oil deals, the promoter plays on the gullible target's greed. To sell wars the promoter invokes one's sense of fear.

It is very, very often stated that G.W. and his band do everything short of outright lying. This is not true. When he or they say that they are 'honest', that is the lie.

Read this letter; read Ringer's book, then imagine, knowing what we know now, having a West Texas, "I'm honest" promoter asking Congress for an open contract to take the U.S. to war.

""Trust me !""

Yipee Yiy, Yipee Yay.

(see poem Tokyo & Texas archive july 7/20/04)

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