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September 15, 2004



Published Cape Cod Times September 30, 04'

"Peace in Iraq
isn’t in U.S. interest"

It is now wholly obvious we will never pacify, integrate and/or achieve anything remotely near peaceful democracy in Iraq.

If history is kind, future writings will say the democracy goal was sincere, not just a cover to set up a puppet government to control Iraq's plus or minus 3 million barrels a day.

If the Iraq Mission drags out forever, we will control Iraq's enormous oil reserves, forever. An unqualified success in Iraq would cost the United States it's control over the only available oil resources with which to guarantee U.S. self sufficiency. Winning integrated peace in Iraq is not in our best interest.

The Sunni's and Shiite's are not going to set aside 700 years of differences and dance with flowers in their hair. The Kurds don't make the final cut. Men and boys, native and foreign, will blow us up as occupiers a la Northern Ireland, Palestine and Revolutionary America ad infinitum and not remotely because they hate freedom, which is patently absurd.

Our men from Texas have brought home the big one, the multi-billion barrel reserve.

We're going to have inflamed terrorists talking about our “mission" till the stars dim in some distant millennia, but rightly or wrongly, for good or for evil, right now, "We got oil."

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