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March 24, 2005



"Calculus of driving isn't lost on women"
Published Cape Cod Times Mar 26, 05'

Regarding the storm over Harvard President Summers' remarks:

In a recent yet unpublished study relating to proclivity and prowess in applied math and physics, researchers simulated being lost while driving. The husband drove and the wife rode.

Cortex electrodes revealed that the wife stimulated the intuitive zone while the man's mathematical nodes were active. Post-simulation, the wives claimed that knowing where they were going seemed the paramount issue while the men, on debriefing, said they were calculating how much faster they would have to drive to make up for lost time.

Case closed?

Not entirely. On switching positions at the wheel, men's math activity tended to decline, particularly among those who felt they wouldn't be lost if they were driving. Ninety-two percent of the wives asked for help, although it was outside the test parameters, but 8 percent of the women did have increased mathematical activity.

None would disclose what formulas they were devising.


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