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May 04, 2005



If the ethically challenged House majority leader, Tom Delay, forces through an end run around our constitutional checks and balances as he did in the Terri Schiavo case, that is one thing.

But when he purports to speak for God that is a very far reach.

A proxymoron?

If the embattled Mr. Delay were to lose his (political) life support, who would claim this pugnacious child of God? So far a survivor.

'Evolution', our Goddess of Nature, perhaps slightly embarassed, would offer her embrace as she does to all in life.

The 'Intelligent Design' folks, well shucks, they're just a right bit more picky. "Brother Tom, the polls aren't good, we may just have to back away from you for a bit." “We’ll be in touch when we get back from changing the Kansas’ schools' science curriculum.”


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