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July 21, 2005



There is always some humor in the political battles. Watching Ben Ginsberg, the prominent Republican attorney, speak on behalf of Karl Rove, offered a full-laugh moment. Affable and agile as always, Mr. Ginsberg floated the idea that Mr. Rove’s line, ”Yes, I heard that too,” as he outted Valerie Plame was an innocuous rejoinder; a convivial moment of agreement perhaps: a mere trifle.

If Carl Rove stands for anything it is that there are no loose words on his watch. This man has created his own epoch hallmarked by orchestral precision in the choosing and use of words and phrases for political gain. Prior to his propaganda style scripting of the Republican hierarchy it would seem reasonable that most Americans had no clue as to what On Message meant.

The Democrats have a hard time staying on the same page much less in lock step. They lack the jack boot gene that enables the Rovian adherents to mouth and march in cloned synchronicity.

However, in the spirit of turnabout is fair play, the Democrats along with certain media and TV personalities should conduct a ‘Rovian’ campaign. Every time Karl Rove’s name is mentioned his political rivals should always say, “Oh, you mean the Under Secretary for Leaking?” Or, you mean the “Administration’s Designated Leaker?”

Technically, using the expression as in “Oh you mean the Leaker of the House?,” is far and away the best. After saying “Oh we call him the Leaker of the House” the politician could continue his interview by saying, Mr. Leaker said this, or Mr. Leaker said that while of course thus naming and referring to K Rove as Mr. Leaker.

Replace ‘flip flopper’, ‘flip flopper’, ‘flip flopper’ with the Leaker of the House, the Leaker of the House, Mr. Leaker, the Leaker of the House.

It would make for great TV, a sort of continuous ‘The Daily Show.’ ..The Leaker of the House...The Leaker of the House....Mr. Leaker...

It would be a vibrant social experiment in the use of propagandistic repetition. It might be life imitating reality TV for that matter. But;

If the Democrats et al can, just once please, get their act together and religiously employ the Rovian Repetition model it would be such great theater. Hoist him on his own canard, as we say !

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