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February 25, 2006




Talk about Bush bashing opportunities, the port flap is a pure unfettered hypocritical hysterical joy.

Ultimate Corporatism would have ‘capitalism‘ replace all other isms. The goal is to have nationalism and religion give way to a trans border culture of commerce or greed. If a once terror related Middle Eastern power state makes a billion dollar investment in its enemy of yesteryear, cries of Hosannah and ‘Greed is Great’ should ring from all tall office buildings. Money is morality. While not perhaps as striking as having the Iranians order their nuclear needs from Halliburton, the Port Management purchase stands out as a major coup for Corporatism.

Now, let’s return to the task at hand.

How dare you give up our ports' security to Islamacists? Who’s going to do the security when they’re screaming and waving their arms on their magic carpets four times a day or six times or eight times? What were you thinking? What about our safety? What about our security? Just too many g.d.beards for me. “Helmsman, one hundred eighty degrees to starboard. Now !!!”
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