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June 23, 2006



One man’s cynicism is another man’s reality.
Rumsfeld’s dictum, i.e. “you go to war with the army you got” even if an absence of body armor is decimating your troops seems oddly to apply here. Personally I would want all youth protected by some cynical armor.
Jon Stewart runs clips of Dick Cheney telling fat lie after fat lie after fat lie. He makes it clear that a candidate who comes up against the GOP/Rove zero morality campaign machine will be accused of homosexuality, cowardice and having negroid blood in their family. He will likely point out that the Democratic candidate that seeks votes as an alternative to big business is collecting their campaign funds at the same troughs as their opponent.
There seems to be a youthful rumbling that Russ Feingold is a man willing to take principled positions. It would be well if this is true. Let’s hope that cynicism is intellectual armor, not a state of mind.
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