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June 07, 2006



When Bill Bennett goes on The Daily Show and says that homosexuals at least have a place as sons and daughters causing Jon Stewart to explode, have some pity on the TheoCrats.
Think how the right wing must wrestle with theology, epistology and genealogy to make a place for the Prince of Darkness's daughter. You might wonder if Mary Cheney's contract with her book publisher is valid given that some homosexual contracts apparently have to pass religious examinations.
Perhaps Mr. Bennett and the Taliban could compare notes and make a list of which homosexual contracts are valid and which not. A homosexual military contract is valid only if the homosexual pretends that they are straight. Maybe when we make calls in the future, the digital operator will say "Marque two for Spanish" and "Press three for 'Queer' but claiming straight's rights.
"It's all a bit much, isn't it?
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