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June 01, 2006



As the GOP performs their customary election year rite of pandering to the Values' Voters, their arms-length yet sacred coalition government partner, by offering an amendment with which to defile both gays and the constitution, consider this:

A thin, multi-pierced young man with a green blaze in his hair is walking down a high school corridor. He approaches a hulking figure, in this case the school's starting defensive tackle, who is noisily slamming shut his locker. “Hey Dude, do you know which room the gay lesbian meeting's in?" "Yeh, go up that stairwell and turn right. You'll see it."

Neither young man gives this hallway exchange a moment's thought or reflection. The point is that, comparatively speaking, young people give less and less a fig about gay-lesbian activities, including whether or not G-L's appropriate the word marriage to consummate their emotional and contractual needs.

What exists now is that a high percentage of older voters are against gay marriage thus controlling the voting outcome on this issue. With certitude, this will change as seniors leave the voting rolls and youth join. Polling will not only confirm this trend but also actuarially divine the future year in which the majority of American voters will vote to allow gay marriage.

This whorish pandering to the TheoRight's bigotry' needs may seem despicable and shallow but trollops must do what trollops must do to stay in bed with the Value's Voters.
very good
bla bla bla same old same old.
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