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August 24, 2006


I THINK, ERGO I‘M RIGHT: (god confirms this)

A well known learned commentator recently postulated that Bush exemplifies the mental state known as narcissism. With some authority on the subject I add here another, not contradictory, explanation.
One of the results of excessive alcohol intake over many years is the "Desires Equal Expectations Psychosis (D.E.E.P.)," also known as "Simply Hoping is Truth (S.H.I.T.)" or 'wishful thinking syndromitis.'
Imagine a corporation where the marketing division has co-opted all the power. Hopeful fancy pronouncements of success, glory and marvelous products issue forth daily while the core entity hemorrhages cash, loses customers and is an irreversible decline.
Why am I not surprised that America under Bush’s leadership is an eerie reminder of the fantasy structure that once was Enron?


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