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August 18, 2006



Iraq: either we stay for decades draining a trillion plus from our resources whilst they hate us, i.e. absolutely no advantage on terrorism front or worse, vis a vis terrorism, we exit leaving jihadists, Saddam loyalists and religious factions murdering each other presumably while seeking funding from other countries with zero love for America.
We are so screwed for the near term, near term meaning ten to twenty years.
My epiphany is/was like, holy hell, is there no one in the cockpit of the good ship America that ever, ever, ever contemplates setting a course for peace. Do we bomb Iran to get our way? What are the resulting scenarios if we use nukes? Should we take out Syria also? These seem to be the only course maps used by this administration and they all engender hate, fear and the 'rule of brutality.'
We need to bear arms and defend ourselves but if the radar has no reading for a someday world of peace we ain't going to get there. Think about the fact that the US will not hold discussions at any level with Iran and Syria. In a world where a cell phone and a cup of liquid can cause untold horror who in their right mind thinks destroying sovereign nations who already detest us is going to make the world safer? It seems plain nuts.
Somebody needs to tell Kristol and Cheney to shut their yaps for at least a few minutes each day to see if there is not some alternative to incinerating a goodly chunk of humanity in the name of self defense.
I don't want to go all Buddhist here, but 'gosh all mighty' there has to be some middle road short of 'War-mageddon.'


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