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August 03, 2006



Of course we all know the expression "When they stand up, we'll stand down."
On or around Valentine's Day 2007 the Shia will have sufficient forces under arms to feel confident that they can dominate, decimate and destroy the Sunnis.
This being so, they will ask/tell/demand American forces to withdraw in order that they may proceed to dominate, decimate and destroy the Sunnis.
Given that they will, the Shia, pop the question to Mr Rumsfeld, et al, it begs this question.
"Donald, you love irony and sarcasm, what exactly are you going to respond when the Islamo-radicals ask you to withdraw so that they can slaughter the secular Sunnis?"
Perhaps they'll phrase it this way. Thanks for the guns and uniforms. And by the way, yes, this is a civil war you silly, silly man, you friend of Zion. Now leave.
Oh irony, if you don't move to protect and empower the very forces you came to disempower, then Iran (i.e. the Shia) will control Iraq and become an abutter to Israel.
"When they stand up, we're screwed" is staring the world in the face.
Valentine's Day it will truly be.
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