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August 17, 2006



Saddam ruled by brutality.
Inherent in the policy "When they stand up , we'll stand down", is that someday the Shia will be able to rule by brutality.
It seems fair to say that Iraqi nationalism prior to invasion would have the US be the 'Great Satan' as we are in Iran. Therefore, efforts to form a US backed government, be it a Shia military dictatorship or a US approved and manipulated "democracy", brings you to the same place, i.e. either government is seen to be the lackey of the Great Satan.
That the Iraqis just danced in the street to cheer the Hezbollah army in its battle versus Israel (and the US) is case in point.
The Iraqis need to have a sense of nation, of nationalism to form a lasting government. A US backed government is anathematical.
This leads one back to a big chunk of John Murtha's argument, loosely paraphrased as, "We are the enemy: we are the problem: they're shooting at us and those perceived to be our lackeys."
Tis time to go.
A US backed Iraqi government, acceptable to the Iraqis, is an oxymoron. Completing the mission is up to the Iraqis: praise Allah.

PS. We do have to keep the peace until ol' Saddam is duly dispatched lest "Crashing the Gate" by Sunni loyalists becomes a headline from Hell.


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