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September 27, 2006



I was upset, fearful and angry reading the recent NIE about the sad state of our international relations when I burst out laughing.
Jumping to mind was the neocon's perverted sales' pitch: "The terrorists hate us because they hate freedom."
What if that was true?
The GOP leadership we presently enjoy promotes secrecy, dishonesty, suspension of habeas corpus and other fundamental juridical rights; they promote wholesale wiretapping without warrants and suspending historical "Rules of War" agreements so that America can, on its whim, perform inhumane and degrading acts of torture on whomsoever we may choose to incarcerate.
One or two more stolen elections plus a new gaggle of lies from Dick, Condi et al and poof, our freedoms will be gone and the terrorists, seeing that their main reason to hate us has vanished, well. they'll just go back to berating womenfolk for racy clothing.
It's a plan, you'all. It's a plan.


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