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October 05, 2006



One of the hallmarks of the Bush administration is secrecy and controlling the message. With Karl Rove at the helm the GOP hard core daily prepare talking points which are then mimed in jackboot precision by the faithful. This is tough shrewd politics.
The problem however, which Suskind, Woodward and others have brought to the fore, is that at some point the talking points ceased to have any symmetry with reality. The Rovian ultra spin method is to disseminate public pronouncements based on what the GOP wants the public to believe, facts and reality notwithstanding.
The horror that now encompasses America's lost freedoms, its almost sordid world reputation and its troop killing inept military strategies arises because America's Commander-in-Chief believes the artificial world of his own spin.
An oft repeated political adage with despotic origins is that "If you tell the people a lie, any lie, often enough, they will begin to believe it."
George Bush lies, then believes his own lies. God help us.


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