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October 17, 2006


Democratic Party Plans Dominate Iraq Strategy

When the GOP blows its false trumpet that the Dems have no plans for Iraq I suggest they first bite down on the following sentence.
"Redeployment" is now the leading strategy for Iraq with a bipartisan world-wide cast coming on board.
Jack Murtha, a Democrat, at some personal political risk announced that "our presence in Iraq has become the cause, not the cure, for much of the violence." This has now been openly confirmed by bipartisan leaders, including most forcefully by Britain’s Army Chief of Staff.
Murtha's wisdom is now a major policy plank for an Iraq solution. Murtha, a Democrat, was the first to call for implementation of a plan to "redeploy." This, a Democratic plan, is becoming the majority opinion strategy for Iraq.
When the GOP and Joe Lieberman attempt to paint Democrats as weak on terror and having no plans for Iraq solutions it only serves as a continuing illustration of their bankrupt and inept foreign policy.
"Stay the Course" has put our Troops in harm's way. "Stay the Course" has hamstrung our now openly angry and frustrated Military leadership. "Stay the Course" has now been openly exposed for what it is, a disingenuous mantra employed by the GOP for political gain.
Democrats have changed the debate and the strategy for Iraq.


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