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November 12, 2006


Mid-East Oil - Conspiracy or Required Policy Consideration?

It's time to discuss the topic of Mid-East oil openly.
The vast majority of foreign nations opine that oil is why we occupied Iraq. Iraqi's say we're there for the oil.
The American press and even the blog-o-sphere avoid the subject as if "oil" means a conspiracy theory, and all conspiracy theory's are whacky. If Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar did not have two thirds of the earths' oil resources and potentially need allied forces in the region we would not be there.
How and how big to plant American military resources in the mid east is a natural question. It is not remotely a conspiracy."Keeping the straights of Hormuz open is in the US nat'l security interests," is a Ted Kennedy quote.
Having a Texas yahoo blow up Iraq without a plan to secure the peace so that his friends and close personal allies could profit, that specific set of facts is a conspiracy. (see Cheney's secret meeting)
However, that we're in the mid east for oil is a fact, not a conspiracy and it should be openly discussed because decisions and policy have to acknowledge "oil.""

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