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November 22, 2006


"Pandora's War"

Shaun Mullen at Kiko'sHouse blogspot wrote a great piece about the several ironies arising from the present position of America vis a vis Iraq and the Arab world. I added:

Adding to your paradoxi and conundrums would be this:

Once there were the three countries that comprised the axis of evil, N. Korea, Iran and Iraq.

By putting the US Military in the hand of incompetents N. Korea feels free to set off a nuke. Iraq becomes the training ground for Jihadists and we're moving towards asking evil Iran and its evil cousin Syria to intervene to save our butts.

In this Pandora's War of Bush et al we are so lost and defeated as to be now resorting to empowering terrorist states as the best available option.

If you score this debacle as if it was a round robin tournament it would come out to:
N. Korea 20
Iraq disqualified
Iran 50
Syria 15
Israel minus 30
U.S.A. withdrew

If terrorist states are an existential threat to the west we just ceded them home field advantage for decades.

Grotesque seems the best epithet for Pandora's War.

--Posted by cognitorex to Kiko's House at 11/22/2006 04:18 PM--


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