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December 01, 2006


Executive Branch Conflict says "We Stay"

Were it not for the fact that two thirds of the earth's known hydrocarbon reserves are in or proximate to Iraq we would not be in our present mess. Each and every one of Vice President Cheney's lies concerning Iraq are consistent with his serving the interests of Halliburton and the major oils. To say that he and, to a similar or lesser extent, the President do not have the appearance of a conflict of interest is disingenuous.
Given that the executive branch has a conflict of interest, what follows is that US Iraq foreign policy will be skewed to meet the oil interests until 2009. At the point of the US leaving Iraq the French, Russian and Chinese oil interests will gain equal or superior footing relative to Cheney's oil allies. This is anathema to this administration who"must" do all in their power to somehow keep the US the dominant power in Iraq.
The non executive branch Republicans had best now combine with the Democrats to force implementation of what are perceived to be the best available foreign policy initiatives. The 2006 Mid Term election was a resounding "Vote of no-confidence" for Republican leadership and 2008 will be more of the same unless a policy of what is best for the oils is jettisoned in favor of what is best for the US.

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