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December 15, 2006


I'm Sleeping Well, In Case You Ask

George Bush has a history of telegraphing the truth by publicly uttering remarks that are negatively responsive to his private truths.
I am a Uniter...........not.
I will hire the most qualified..........not.
I will return honesty and values to the White House.........,oh my god, not!
His best, among many, to my mind was when he, decided for no apparent reason to make (paraphrased) the false pronouncement that "it takes a warrant to eavesdrop on Americans and we always get warrants."
When Bush says that he knows why others would expect a person in his "I-screwed-the-pooch-again" position to sleep poorly, he is making an admission.
The comedians and psychologists understand this behavior of Bush. In comedy speak, Bush walks up to his friend and announces, "You know that I'm not sleeping with your wife, right?"
Oppositional Defiant behavior in a teen is a warning of bad things to come. In a president it leads to bombs, flames, international disgrace, hundreds of thousands dead and fleeing and just a tiny backward admission that this is all so very shameful.
It’s said that President Bush recently awoke and startled Laura, exclaiming, “I did not have sex with that country.”


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