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December 15, 2006


Sick dolphins? Send for the tallest man

Published by "The Independant"
By Clifford Coonan in Beijing
Published: 15 December 2006

It's the kind of job that only someone with 3ft, four-inch arms can carry out.
Two dolphins at an oceanarium in Fushun, in the Chinese province of Liaoning, had managed to swallow chunks of plastic after nibbling at the edge of their cage. The mammals were in distress after the objects became stuck and the vets were at a loss.
Enter the world's tallest living man, according to the Guinness Book of Records, a Chinese farmer named Bao Xishun who stands 7ft, seven inches, or 2.36m, tall.
He was called in to save the cetaceans and rose to the challenge after reaching into their stomachs to remove the plastic.


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