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December 17, 2006


Time Person of Year : Category Incompetence

"And in the Category of Consistency in Incompetence,.....the winner is,....the Purrr..esident of the United States....George Walker Bush!!!"
As Hendrik Hertzberg writes in The New Yorker, Bush has been over his head since taking office, most especially in regard to Iraq/foreign affairs.
I have a golf partner, John, late thirties, tech-savvy, enjoying his first newborn, Sarah. He is right wing with a slight mist of bigotry and racism. We treat our differences with humor, trading barbs and occasional internet links about gossipy partisan outrages that, at one, are serious and sad yet qualify as black humor.
Prior to the election he said, "You and my Dad have been telling me how incompetent and out of touch Bush is. I finally get it."
Some may laud Emanuel and Schumer for putting good tires on the Democratic vehicle which eventually won the elections. Others may extol the " digital public" for providing the gas and hoorah Howard Dean for a fifty state map but in the end it was Bush and Cheney and their incompetence that "Got us to the Church on Time."

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