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January 24, 2007


Major Oil Co.'s Avoid Tax Obligations by Leasing US Military Assets

In recognition of the fact that most combat engaged military assets, ships, planes, humvees, etc. are indirectly in the employ of US corporate petroleum interests, (see Dick C's secret meeting), the administration announces an accounting coup.
The major oils have completed a sale and leaseback of a significant portion of the United States' Military hardware.
The three trillion dollar proceeds to the government are being applied to reducing US debt to China and evil Hugo. The dollar is soaring on international bourses. Also, the USA trade imbalance is set to plummet while the oligarchic petroleum interests use this transaction to shelter their rocketing tax obligations for decades.
(For technical details see Ken Lay, "Off Balanced Sheet Accounting: 101" and "So, Who's Your Momma?" by Cheney Press)


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