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January 27, 2007


Who Actually Kills Who in Iraq?

What are the statistics for dead troops and dead Iraqis?
If February is expected to bring, say, 200 dead troops and 3,000 dead civilians, then how many will be killed by what Iraqi participants?
Better yet, break it down by province. How many deaths from Sunni insurgents? How many from criminal elements? How many from foreign fighters/terrorists? How many from Shiite insurgents or death squads.
The Senate had Petraeus on the stand and talked about themselves.
How about some concretish numbers and forecasts and then explain how or why or what a surge is going to change. These numbers must exist on at least an extrapolated or best guess basis.
It would be illuminating to see what groups kill who. It would also decrease a lot of partisan spin, such as it's foreign terrorists, or the latest spin that it's Iranian agents.
As much as the press, I suppose, is paid to write about who said what about whom, i.e. gossip, a few facts from time to time would be educational.


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