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January 29, 2007


Why the Senators Preen and Coo

In the Wolf/Cheney interview. Cheney says no one forecast how beaten down the Shia were from thirty years under Saddam. This translates in Cheney-speak to: "The Shia are pussies," hence we can arm them and train them but the Sunni's are still going to kick their ass.
Yesterday Sunni insurgents tossed rockets into the Green Zone, again.
Somebody please ask Petraeus, on record, what are the odds if we leave Iraq today that the Sunnis will kick the Shia's butt?
The preening Senator's could have asked Petraeus some educational questions when they had him on the stand but for some reason that's not how Senate committees work.
I wonder if you put mirrors next to each Senator if they'd damage themselves from excessive self peckerheading?
I think we're backing the losing team. Iraq will be controlled by violent armed men for at least the next decade. Right now, due to the administration's incompetence, it's controlled by violent armed Americans. If we wish to have safety in the Green Zone, we're going to have to surge, augment and escalate for a looong time.
Maybe that's why the Senators preen and coo.
Reality says there's little else to do.

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