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February 28, 2007


Bush's Commissariat

Re: (fromSalon) "Experts see a continuing pattern that began long ago: A Bush White House seizing greater executive power to the detriment of democratic principle."
Today's executive branch more closely resembles a Communist form of government than a form espousing democratic ideals.
The Bush style, motivation and form of government continues to appear modeled on establishing a Commissariat.
Place a commissar, (an official in any communist government whose duties include political indoctrination, detection of political deviation, etc.), at the head of as many agencies and functions as is possible.
The product of America's science agencies is vetted and amended by commissars. Now, after a massive firing of well qualified but politically suspect U.S. Attorney Generals, justice will be need be blessed by Bush's commissariat.
Under communism, reality is what the commissariat says is reality. In terms of business management, the marketing division takes control of the corporation. Sales may be plummeting, the engineering division in total disarray, financial resources hemorrhaging and investor confidence at an all time low but, but by controlling all public relations' releases, the CEO is free to promulgate a false reality.
I was once invited to participate in a boar hunt in Eastern Europe. I asked my prospective host; "if under communism all citizens are equal how does one rationalize that a peasant class would be beating the woods while we sat with shiny loaded weapons waiting for the boars to appear?"
He smiled and said, "ah, under communism some citizens are simply more equal than others."
The 'have' class allied to Bush feel entitled to lead America. If controlling the message that emanates from America's government branches and agencies includes elevating political imagery to primary goal status, uncircumscribed by truth, then establishing a network of inexperienced, hack commissar-like appointees is the way to go.
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