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February 07, 2007


Gulliverb in Salon Letters: Incompetence is a Disaster

Gulliverb's post concerning Bush's incompetent status as an international negotiator is so on the money.
I personally closed commercial banking deals exceeding a billion dollars in Europe, Eastern Europe (thru interpreters) and in the "oil patch" of SouthWest USA. To think that my knowledge of or relationship to any client or borrower went beyond their commercial interest would embody dangerous naivety. Bush is not stupid, he is simply a rank beginner in dealing with foreign nationals. To think that a "babe in the woods" such as Bush could penetrate to any level the machinations of a man who rose to the top of a nation through its secret police apparatus is incomprehensibly unthinkable.
When GW proffered Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, which was a seldom in a lifetime chance to affect the course of American jurisprudence for decades, he again displayed his dense narcissistic naivety. This too was pornographically incompetent as has been perhaps all of his foreign policy decisions.
Eschewing an attempt to impeach this clearly incompetent commander in chief(CIC), the legislature should construct a bill that defunds all mideast military engagement by a time certain unless the CIC position is placed in the hands of new executive body.
Given the damage to US interests world wide already extant and the unthinkable possibilities of what this CIC might unleash upon us and the world in his remaining 2 years, how could a hiatus to his reign not be the superior choice?

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