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March 13, 2007


A Libby Pardon Pardons the Cheney Propaganda Operation

Lying has Consequences? Who knew?

Once upon a time Paul Revere rode through the land acclaiming that "The Red Coats are Coming."

Scooter's conviction has similarly caused a new message to go out in the politics-first, truth-second neocon propaganda cabal leading the Bush White House.

It's a strange concept to this crowd and they've become quite nervous. As they crowd around the water coolers, the buzz is: "Did ya hear? There are actually certain lies and certain circumstances for which I, you and the big boys can be held to be legally accountable."

Any politician or pundit that calls for Scooter to be pardoned should first be asked to state without reservation that one of the normal and acceptable operations of the American executive is to initiate and oversee an office of propaganda that deliberately and with malice aforethought manipulates the truth to achieve a political objective.

How can some higher up, i.e.Scooter in this case, not have eventually been caught in legally crossing the line when truth telling has been so relegated to the political trash bin. Cheney, under oath, would have no choice other than pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Those who favor pardoning Scooter symbolically condone and champion the neocon propaganda cabal and each of its lies that initiated the deaths and injuries of thousands of America's youth.

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