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March 28, 2007


My Pickup's Talkin To My Dog

"I always vote Republican. They're the ones that let ya keep your guns, assault rifles and all."

"They're cuttin taxes for the rich and refusin to provide top notch health care for returnin Vets. What's up with that?"

"They're trying to cut social security benefits for Granny now and you next. What's up with that?"

"They're listenin on the phone, readin your mail and sayin that torturing combatants is okay. Crackey, what's up with that? Cousin Jimmie's in Iraq. I sure don't want him tortured."

"I always vote Republican. Rudi's leading in the polls and he's one tough hombre."

"Cept he's sweet on the misdirected weenie crowd and is squishy as hell on that there gun control. What's up with that?"

"You think too god damned much ya cussed ol' hound dog.. Now what the hell's up with that."

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The moral evil in the world is due to man’s alienation from the deepest truth, from the springs of spiritual life within himself, to his alienation from God.
Hey there anonymous....was your comment directed to the pickup or to the hound? Peace good man.
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