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April 13, 2007


In the name of Allah: What's the Plan?

Tribes, religious fanatics, elites, sectarian differences, oil based economies, authoritarian rule, conflict resolution by guns and suicide are hallmarks of the Middle East.
I assume that most Middle East' citizens' primary desire is to arise each morning, safely see their children off to school and safely pursue a job that provides the daily bread. However, the short term political and economic outlook seems one of despair.
I am curious what a fifty or hundred year plan for the region might look like.
Individuals, businesses and nations need mission statements to direct future actions to a desired goal.
Just over a half century ago Europe last used guns to resolve conflicts and they now have their 'Union.'
Surely the world of Islam has a desire to be safe, prosperous and unified.
So, what would this vision entail?
How can we help?

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