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May 08, 2007


Do You Want a Good T.V. Guide

The purpose of television is to present advertising to consumers.
It is not to entertain or educate, not remotely. It is to get advertising into your home, 24/7, and, and, you pay for it.
Actors, anchors, studio execs, athletes and corporate interests become mega wealthy from the multi trillion dollar advertising tidal wave.
Docile and benumbed to the corporate theft inherent in that glowing tube of advertisements in their living rooms, the American citizenry coughs up $500 to a $1,000 a year per family to be thus solicited.
We pay to be subjected to 24/7 advertisements in our homes. Go figure.
If a section of the viewing public, of the demographic size and wealth of L.A., for example, simply said 'we all refuse to pay a penny for cable service', then presto capitalistic miracle, service would reappear funded by the advertisers who want your eyeballs on those screens.
Think about it. You or we might even say "And while we've got your ear, give us a decent flippin program guide!!"

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