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May 19, 2007


Gonzales Card Bedside-Gate Foray

A blog poster named Rooh made an interesting observation in his Salon Letters' commentary.
He asked...if Comey was the Acting AG, what were Gonzalez and Card going to do (to make his signature legal if obtained)...backdate it?
A clear exposition about the legal status between Comey and Ashcroft might be quite interesting and meaningful.
Had Ashcroft previously and officially signed a document delaring Comey Acting AG or was Comey Acting AG by dint of Ashcroft's legal status of being legally incapacitated? Or, if not, was Comey elevated when Ashcroft was a.) put 'under' for the operation and b.) alternately legally incapacitated by dint of being on a mind altering drug regimen?
( I was baby sat by a Top Secret security qualified NCO when I took drugs for a knee operation in my NSA related Army days which is one of two reasons why Roooh's comment piqued my interest.)
Reason one is reasonably obvious. Was Attorney General, in said hospital, legally capable of carrying out the duties of his office?
If not, which seems almost certain, what did Gonzales and Card think they could legally accomplish by persuing his signature? His signature would have had no force in law and any spying program so authorized would not have a legal sign-off by the Justice Department.
Reason two for my pique is that, apparently, a higher up in the administration set these two top officials off, not only to seek acquiesence from a bed ridden man, but to accomplish a mission that had no legal quotient.
This aspect is what sincerely disturbs me. This administration has such an ingrained penchant for ignoring and circumventing domestic law, international law and constitutional law that they proceeded to initiate a tawdry mission which could in no way have an operative or legal conclusion.
Emanating from Bush and Cheney, this now institutionalized blindness and disregard for ethical and moral behavior is chilling.
--Craig Johnson--
Every time I expect that Bu$hCo can't stoop any lower...
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