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June 07, 2007


Bush's Love of Torture: Ethical Equivalents

In the movies we see the German Commandant line up the town villagers. He asks for specific intelligence regarding the commission of a crime. When he does not receive the intel he requires, he then lines up a dozen citizens and shoots them.

Torturing people to the point of psychological collapse is almost an ethical equivalent to the brutality handed out by the Commandant.

If the interrogators, when causing permanent systemic damage to their subjects through sensory deprivation, are fully aware that some or most of these subjects have no actionable intelligence then they are deliberately destroying innocent lives as an official process.

It is at this point that the ethics of the Commandant's decision and Bush's mind set, to employ torture, become one and the same.

A question also arises as to upon who does America employ life destroying torture. Apparently, sub rosa, torturing Arabs and followers of Islam is today acceptable. Perhaps torturing foreign born prison gang leaders might be the next acceptable venue for torture. And next?

--craig johnson--

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