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June 27, 2007


Cheney Moves His Office to Dubai


Dick Cheney regularly forgoes niceties such as treaties, laws, our constitution and avoiding conflicts of interest with his oil brethren. This we know.
One example among oh so many is the multiple billion dollar no-bid contracts awarded to his last employer and present benefactor, Halliburton.
Recently, Halliburton, in what can only be described as a Cheney-esque maneuver, devoid of patriotism and morality, is moving its headquarters to foreign soil. That the chosen country Dubai, an Arab land of Sheiks and Sultans, is a physical presence in our 'oil' wars and the WWIII Islamo Fascist crusade against Islam that Cheney et al say we will be fighting for decades is a chilling example of how Cheney's non-legal non-moral mind can discard America's interests with cognitive impunity.
I would like to also point out that to some degree Halliburton knows the United States' Military's Order of Battle in the Middle East.
To supply services to our troops they have to know of and plan for the logistics of troop movements; short term and long term.
Halliburton is in essence a division of our armed forces, paid differently but no less integral than communications, the motor pool, medical services and our lives'-at-risk warriors. Halliburton was an American entity but will not be as they leave America to avoid legal scrutiny and presumably to avoid paying U.S. taxes on what you and I pay them in those contracts.
If Dick Cheney saw personal gain for himself and his 'oil' brethren he would move the Pentagon offshore. He peddles nationalism and the 'Red, White and Blue' to the well meaning but susceptible GOP faithful but when it comes to his own interests it is not Red, White and Blue, it's "screw you."
--craig johnson--

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No question that Halliburton know whose buttering their bread. Guess we'll soon see how far up Cheney's...um...well, you know...Halliburton really is. (Or the SCOTUS will place access to his papers permanently out of our grasp.)
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